In Latin America, 104 Million people live in informal settlements. You have the power to change this reality. 

For every home sold, your company makes a contribution to build one transitional house for a family living in slums in Latin America. 

"Home4Home is a wonderful initiative that we have created with TECHO. For every unit we sell in Miami we will donate a house to people living in extreme poverty in Latin America. We are the first to participate; our goal is by giving the example to expand this campaign to other real estate developers in the U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean," Andrés Klein, Managing Partner of BH Investment Group.  

About Home4Home

HOME4HOME is an initiative that invites real estate developers to make a huge impact on the most impoverished communities in Latin America.  


TECHO [TEH/choh], meaning roof in Spanish, is the largest Latin American non-profit that is transforming slums into sustainable communities...


Currently, TECHO is working with BH Investment, but any developer who wants to make a difference can join the program. We are inviting real estate...